Movement Classes in ASL

Yoga, Functional and Restorative Exercise Classes Instructed in ASL

Have you ever...

  • Wished a fitness instructor could sign directly to you? No wondering what was said. 
  • Wished you knew how to move next before your head is upside-down? No feeling behind the rest of the class.
  • Wondered if there was a different way to move your body because of an injury, soreness, or pain? No wondering about doing it wrong. 
  • Wanted to click play and get moving anytime you feel like it? No paying for individual classes only at certain times.
  • Wanted to chat with other ASL-users about doing yoga and movement as part of a healthy lifestyle? No Facebook account needed.        

All of these are possible in the ASL Movement Membership.  
Get online access to yoga, functional movement and restorative exercise classes anytime you decide.  

Denise Wellin, former ASL Interpreter and current yoga, biomechanics, alignment and movement geek, structures these classes for optimal learning and moving.  All classes are instructed in ASL, with no voice or audio output.  

Ever Growing Library of Recorded Classes

Access over 35 unique yoga flow, yoga strength with resistance bands and restorative exercise class recordings in the membership. 

How Do I Know This Program Is For Me?

Beginners will enjoy the demonstrations and instruction. Quick- paced classes offered for experienced movers. Within each class, there's a range of movement options so you choose the specific level of work based on your ability and goals.

Can I Try It Out First? 

Yes! Look for PREVIEW in the library below to view videos for FREE right now!

What's inside the ASL Movement Membership?

How Do I View the Online Classes?

Once you sign up, you'll get login details. View the site on mobile, ipad, laptop and desktop computers. 

How Often Can I Take a Class?

Take as many recorded classes as you like, as often as you like, 24/7. 

Do You Offer Live Classes?

Stay tuned for upcoming Live Zoom classes (specific time/day and topics vary by month)

Community Support

Connect with other ASL users interested in yoga and movement for a healthy lifestyle. Learn, grow and share with our supportive community. 

Affordable ASL Movement Membership 

Now you can move whenever you want!

When you purchase the membership, you get a library of
yoga and restorative exercise classes instructed in ASL to
do anywhere and any time you want.

Want support? There's a discussion group right in the same
site (Don't worry, it's not a Facebook group).

Miss practicing with others? Stay tuned for upcoming live classes to join!

One time Purchase


  • 35+ class recordings 
  • How to Guides
  • Discussion Group

Narayani (Dorothy) Wilkins

Deaf Roots and Wings Certified
Hatha Yoga Instructor and Life Coach 

I took Restorative Exercise classes with Denise online. I learned different ways to align my body and applied those to everyday activities like sitting, standing, walking and doing yoga. I have improved my understanding of my own body and how I move in different activities. I now embrace my limits. Denise is very organized and explains clearly. I highly recommend her classes.

Why Join?

Look, I know you have lots of choices.

My regular clients want the flexibility to move anytime, join a live classes for my
instruction and a meet up with other ASL exercisers, and continue the discussions
between classes.  

Instead of charging $10 for just one live class, this one time price includes a
a full recording library and discussion group.

Lastly, I'm a hearing ASL-fluent yoga/movement coach. I enjoy presenting what I
learn to others - to you. We are in this together.

Ready to move with me?

Denise Wellin

Hello! I’m Denise Wellin. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer-Restorative Exercise Specialist™ (CPT-RES™), Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200) and studying for my ISSA Certified Personal Trainer + Precision Nutrition Certificates (both expected 2021). I began learning sign language when I was young as I wanted to communicate with a family friend who was deaf. That led to my first career as a sign language interpreter. When that career caused a repetitive motion injury (tendinitis), I started a journey into health, wellness and pain management that continues today.

I founded WellinLife when I realized the movements we do all day long nourish our body more than an exercise session. I believe in weaving yoga, mindset health and movement curiosity into daily life. I study anatomy, biomechanics, and the psycho-social influence our moving plays on living in with an effective mindset and pain free body well into our advanced ages.  

For optimal well-being, we need to learn how to move well, move often, relax well, and relax often. The combination of yoga asanas, breathwork, restorative exercise, and resistance training can support our lifelong, day-to-day, moment-to-moment, healthy movement habits. 

Are you ready to get comfortable in bare feet, moving from floor to standing, twisting, bending, balancing, reaching, breathing?   

Are you ready to enjoy the hobbies and activities you love to do with more energy and stamina? 

Are you ready to appreciate everything your body is capable of doing no matter your age or current fitness level? 

Let's get moving!