Strength & Stretch Sampler Class

Offered One Time Only | Thursday September 23rd 5:30pm | Bloom Wellness, Churchville

Try Out this In-Person Class

This hour long sampler class is perfect for students who are new to exercise and/or want to test-drive one of Denise's classes. Come with an open mind and plan to move head to toe for 50 minutes, then enjoy the last 10 minutes in relaxing positions to calm the nervous system.

Sign-up for this date only. Bring a yoga mat. All other props provided for this special class.

What can you expect? Use body weight and light resistance bands, focusing on small movements to intentionally work muscles surrounding your joints, gaining mobility, strength and balance.

Reserve Your Spot!

This class will be held in-person on Thursday September 23rd at 5:30pm
Class capped at 12 students, so reserve your spot before class fills up!

Want to know how many class spots are left? Follow @WellinLife on Facebook & Instagram for updates on class availability. 


$ 8.00

When: Thursday September 23rd at 5:30pm

Where: Bloom Wellness |  Churchville, NY

Props Needed: Yoga Mat | Other props provided to students at class

Denise Wellin

Hello! I’m Denise Wellin. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer-Restorative Exercise Specialist™ (CPT-RES™), Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200) and studying for my ISSA Certified Personal Trainer + Precision Nutrition Certificates (both expected 2021). I began learning sign language when I was young as I wanted to communicate with a family friend who was deaf. That led to my first career as a sign language interpreter. When that career caused a repetitive motion injury (tendinitis), I started a journey into health, wellness and pain management that continues today.

I founded WellinLife when I realized the movements we do all day long nourish our body more than an exercise session. I believe in weaving yoga, mindset health and movement curiosity into daily life. I study anatomy, biomechanics, and the psycho-social influence our moving plays on living in with an effective mindset and pain free body well into our advanced ages.  

For optimal well-being, we need to learn how to move well, move often, relax well, and relax often. The combination of yoga asanas, breathwork, restorative exercise, and resistance training can support our lifelong, day-to-day, moment-to-moment, healthy movement habits. 

Are you ready to get comfortable in bare feet, moving from floor to standing, twisting, bending, balancing, reaching, breathing?   

Are you ready to enjoy the hobbies and activities you love to do with more energy and stamina? 

Are you ready to appreciate everything your body is capable of doing no matter your age or current fitness level? 

Let's get moving!