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Strength and Stretch

Building Muscle with Mobility

Course Summary

Get a full-body workout by toning your muscles and improving the range of motion in your joints. Exercises are designed to improve blood, lymph and neurological flow head to toe in key areas impacting whole body health.

This series is targeted for people finding more aches and pains than they used to have, and wondering if you can ever move again comfortably.  Yes you can!  It is especially approachable  for people told by a medical professional to get moving. If you've been diagnosed with osteoporosis, osteopenia, Parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, spinal issues, or plantar fasciitis, as long as you have been cleared to exercise, and have strength to get up and down from the floor, the exercises are 'safe' for you.  

The series teaches you how to adapt the exercises for your body, making them just the right challenge for each person.  This exercise program is based in biomechanics using body weight, resistance bands, foam half-rollers and yoga blocks to build our capacity to move well. Students need to bring a sense of humor and spirit of community as we support each other all in good fun.

Accessibility Statement: Stretch and Strength classes are instructed in Spoken English with captions available for all recorded content.

Weekly Classes & Resources


Choose the Hybrid Option if you are interested in weekly classes in-person at Bloom Wellness, Churchville, plus access recordings if you miss a class and get additional online content. Classes are Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm July 8-August 26, 2021.
Choose the Distanced Option if you prefer due to location or timing to participate online only and access all recordings and additional online content.

Both options include:  

Participation in 8 week class series July 5 - August 26, 2021
Access to short (15-30 minutes) practice videos each week (total of 8) yours to keep forever
Access to full one hour class recordings (total of 8) yours to keep forever

Access to a weekly focus lesson to level up your mindset and movement habits
Access to a community discussion board to chat with other students
Access via email, phone, text to your instructor for ongoing instruction and feedback

The results:
Build strength and range of motion incrementally over 8 weeks
Level up your perspective and habits for healthy moving
Feel supported by a community of like-minded individuals locally and afar

(Online & In-Person)

In-Person Registration Closed

Attend 8 weekly in-person classes 
Thursdays 5:30 - 6:30pm 
July 8 - August 26, 2021 
at Bloom Wellness in Churchville, NY
Access all online recordings and content

(Online Only)

Registration Closed
Check back September 2021

Access 8 one hour recordings
 + 8 short class recordings 
and additional content all online. 
Perfect for those who prefer 
to participate completely 
on their own time.  

Denise Wellin

Hello! I’m Denise Wellin. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer-Restorative Exercise Specialist™ (CPT-RES™), Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200) and studying for my ISSA Certified Personal Trainer + Precision Nutrition Certificates (both expected 2021). I began learning sign language when I was young as I wanted to communicate with a family friend who was deaf. That led to my first career as a sign language interpreter. When that career caused a repetitive motion injury (tendinitis), I started a journey into health, wellness and pain management that continues today.

I founded WellinLife when I realized the movements we do all day long nourish our body more than an exercise session. I believe in weaving yoga, mindset health and movement curiosity into daily life. I study anatomy, biomechanics, and the psycho-social influence our moving plays on living in with an effective mindset and pain free body well into our advanced ages.  

For optimal well-being, we need to learn how to move well, move often, relax well, and relax often. The combination of yoga asanas, breathwork, restorative exercise, and resistance training can support our lifelong, day-to-day, moment-to-moment, healthy movement habits. 

Are you ready to get comfortable in bare feet, moving from floor to standing, twisting, bending, balancing, reaching, breathing?   

Are you ready to enjoy the hobbies and activities you love to do with more energy and stamina? 

Are you ready to appreciate everything your body is capable of doing no matter your age or current fitness level? 

Let's get moving!