Reclaim Well-Being:  
Active Aging at Your Best

Use it or lose it

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt you just can’t do the things you used to do.  

Things like taking a long hilly, quick paced hike without feeling zapped of energy and aching afterward. Things like lifting heavier objects, reaching high, low or behind, and balancing on unsteady, icy ground. Even if we exercise, our physical competence only seems to build in some areas, and doesn't ripple into the rest of our lives. Unless we regularly do the thing we want to do, we lose it.  

Beyond physical fitness, it's the same use it or lose it for keeping our brain sharp. Worse yet, when we notice these brain and body hiccups, it eats away our confidence leaving us less apt to relax - essential for the body to reset our nervous system and continue growth.  

Healthy living includes tackling physical and mental activities to continually enrich the brain and body. The more we practice these skills imperfectly - with playfulness and fun - the more our body and brain get the chemical messages to maintain balance, stability and coordination. Consistent movement is imperative to reclaim brain + body well-being and live at our best.

I am filming a series of classes based on the current capabilities of our body, leveraging that to gain greater strength and mobility.  Classes incorporate playful activities for brain and body health. Offering a mixture of yoga, Restorative Exercise™ and functional movements, the classes are designed for anyone who wants to re-ignite mind and body, restore your natural capabilities and elevate wellness.  Classes are ideal for those desiring easily adaptable moves to challenge various levels from exercises in a chair and beyond.  

These classes will be released in February 2021.  Instructed in Spoken English with captions (ASL version is on my list for later in the year).

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Reclaim Well-Being:
Active Aging At Your Best

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